72 Tasman Street

Ōpunakē's community owned and operated cinema.

Step back in time with a visit to this historic theatre in Taranaki. Elegant and completely restored inside and out, complimented with the latest digital screen technology.

Everybody's Theatre operates with a fantastic team of volunteers. If you would like to join the team click on the link below for more information.

Our Historical single-screen Theatre plays a range of movies to cater to all tastes.  From blockbuster new releases to the classics and everything in-between. 

Movies play on Thursday, Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday nights at 7 pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm.

On the First Sunday of every month, is our famous Boutique Movie.  This is always the first screening of a  specially selected movie and for those with a Boutique ticket, they have a nibbles board and a refreshment as well as entry.  This is also the only time we have an interval to allow patrons to top up from our well-stocked shop and bar. 

Please note Boutique and special events are the only time we hold a liquor license. 

Every now and then we hold a special event, like Comedy Nights, Music shows and anything else interesting that comes along.   Keep an eye on our Special Events page or Facebook to see whats coming. 

Volunteering At Everybody's Theatre

Everybody's Theatre has been owned by the local community and managed by a Committee of community volunteers since 1980. 

Volunteers play a significant role in keeping this community asset open for all to enjoy.   We have around 40 volunteers at any one time from all over Taranaki, some people volunteer for one shift a week and some once a month we work with what you are able to give.

All our regular movie screenings and private bookings are run solely by volunteers and this is one of the ways we are able to have so many screenings available and keep everything at a family-friendly price. 

Every screening needs a Duty Manager and Cashier and we always welcome new volunteers to join our team. 


Ticket Office

Everybody's Theatre ticket office is located to the left of the foyer within the refreshment bar which stocks a wide range of movie snacks available for purchase with your ticket until the movie starts. 

By purchasing your snacks from us you are supporting your Theatre.  We stock drinks, lollies, popcorn, ice creams and various other snack food for your movie enjoyment.

The shop also houses one of the old Century JJ Projectors, which was used for many years at the Theatre and other cinema paraphernalia is on display within the foyer.

Brief History

An Incorporated Society was formed in 1980 to purchase the theatre with $55,000. which the bulk $35,000 was donated by the community as debentures, with the remaining $20,000 a TSB bank loan, which was repaid by 1994.

In 2015 over $1m was raised to earthquake strengthen and then restore the theatre to the beautiful theatre it is now.

Due to the age and historical significance of the building the maintenance and restoration is an ongoing project to this day.  


It also included a 2D projector, winched stage curtain, lighting, and sound equipment.

For a full account of our Theatre's history from 1910 to 2021 purchased one of our Centennial Books for only $20 plus postage - makes a great gift or memory. 

2017 a part-time Facility Manager was appointed to help with the day-to-day running of the theatre.


Vision, Mission, Values


To serve the local community as a boutique entertainment experience and to be known nationwide as an entertainment destination.


The Committee respects the unique bond between the Theatre and the wider Ōpunakē community and will continue to develop the Theatre as a multi-functional facility to benefit everyone while being a Theatre first and foremost. 


The Committee values feedback from the community to determine the future of the Theatre building so that the building is maintained to a high standard in the Ōpunakē community into the future. The Committee will strive to keep and protect the building and honor all the volunteers who have given so much to ensure the Theatre is a success as well as seek to meet the Community’s needs.  The Committee will also be mindful at all times that we are a multi-cultural community.

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